March 22nd marks International World Water Day, held annually to focus attention on the importance of freshwater and raise awareness of the need to sustainably manage diminishing freshwater resources.

This co-incides in the UK with Climate Week – a national occasion that has become an annual renewal of the UK’s ambition combat climate change. It is (apparently) “for everyone wanting to do their bit to protect our planet and create a secure future”.

I become rather sceptical of things like this when I see the usual suspects lining up to align their corporate logos with the official logos of the events in question. I wonder how we might change things with “a peaceful revolution” to bring focus back to what’s actually happening on the ground? Reality is what happens day in and day out and it’s that which needs reporting by normal people, as activists for change, to bring about the peaceful revolution I refer to.

From my standpoint, these grand events seem to become hijacked by whoever has the biggest budget or the best media relationships. As an independent beverage player with the lowest carbon footprint ‘un-bottled water’ on the market, this seems an ideal opportunity to project attention onto Aquapax during the topical media opportunity and gain some spin off brand awareness.

This is a different objective to those seeking spin off brand alignment which is relegated again the moment the event is ‘over’.

Getting in ahead of the anticipated media clamour next week, here’s a recording of the radio interview I had with Neil Pringle on BBC Radio Sussex this morning. Mon Mar 14 Neil Pringle BBC Radio Sussex talks to Neil Tomlinson (founder of Aquapax) I didn’t quite manage to get all the points across that I would have liked but a live interview with a media professional isn’t easy and at least I didn’t spill my Aquapax over his expensive broadcasting equipment… :-)