The Gunwharf food festival was fun on Saturday and I met some ‘old friends’ from last year when Hagar and I shared a stand with a funky mini.

It’s amazing to see how my encouragement for people to re-use and recycle their empty Aquapax has really taken off – particularly the re-use aspect. A number of people report now buying Aquapax as much for the smart looking disposable container as for the award winning natural mineral water quality inside.

The way they see it; their kids are already losing the expensive refillable nalgene bottles at school, whereas giving them a fresh Aquapax each week works just as well and if they do lose it (or jump on it for the loud bang noise) it’s no big deal. One chap remarked that his kids take theirs to school re-filled with tap water (tap water in the fridge overnight tends to lose its chlorine taste) and he takes his empty Aquapax re-filled with something a little stronger to various sporting events he attends.

The (unofficial) record for refilling an empty Aquapax used to be held by a student at Sussex Uni who used hers for a reported 2 months. I thought that took eco-consciousness to another level, but then we heard from a father and son who’ve used their Aquapax cartons for a whole year, refilling them whenever they go fishing so they can still have a reasonably cool drink at the end of their day. 

With this level of eco-frugality, I can see we’re going to have to open some new markets to ensure we have a sustainable business model… On that note, we’ve finally found a distributor to deliver Aquapax to your home within London (minimum 2 cases = 48 units per delivery). That complements the established delivery system for Aquapax original through Ideal World TV (which links from the column on the right) – I know that doesn’t help if you want our new design Aquapax and live outside of London, but at least it’s a start.  More details to follow as we get the order / delivery system working seamlessly :-)