Today was the day when we finally got to see our latest creation – aka Aquapax in its 2009 production guise. It’s one thing to sign off a piece of flat artwork, and another thing to have a mock-up made in a different material, to give a degree of design perspective. But seeing the real thing as it’s come off the production line and ready to be warehoused prior to shipping to customers is something you can never ‘know’ for certain until you see it.

I can honestly say that I’m happier with the real thing than I was with any of the computer generated images, despite their function being to portray an item in its theoretical ‘best light’. There’s simply no substitute for feeling the paper folded around the water and knowing that without absolute commitment, we would never have got this far! As I sit here looking at the subtleties of what I believe is an iconic design, our new Aquapax already feels like a pair of old jeans, that ‘just fit’ whenever you put them on.

I had a conversation with a very professional journalist on Friday who was reflecting that ‘packaged water’ is an unnecessary drink. I conceded that I still drink tap water at home, but that in an increasingly obese world, it’s irresponsible to keep knocking water in favour of flavoured beverage options. The fact is that our ‘packaged water’ Aquapax gives health conscious thirsty people the best option possible for calorie free natural hydration, with a natural mineral balance that you can taste for its purity, and the absence of anything that shouldn’t be there.

Aquapax is quite simply healthier than other beverage options, and (to be fair to our plastic competitors) while any packaged water has a lower carbon footprint than any other packaged beverage option, Aquapax is uniquely packaged in the proven lowest carbon footprint package option compared to all other portable packaged waters available.

That is why we claim Aquapax as ‘a pure thirst for the environment’ along with our other trade mark, ‘think inside the box’ – it just makes ecological common sense. I’ll caveat that with “unless you’re in a position of impossible luxury, where you have fresh drinking water on tap whenever and wherever you feel thirsty!” :-)