The year has started with a vengeance and it was rather embarrassing to see it’s been a fortnight since my last blog. It’s great to report that Aquapax will be in at least two of the most fabulous and exciting stores in Paris (Colette and Bon Marché) from the end of this month.

Our expanding distribution in France is directly down to the energy of the team at the company we have partnered with in France. Drinkyz is a young business with an enviable infrastructure and depth of management. Its hands on CEO, Alexis Vaillant is completely passionate about the Aquapax opportunity he has secured for his business. He has the drive I knew we needed to harness in any territory where we can’t physically do the job ourselves.

The other reason for growth right now is in no small part due to our revised Aquapax pack design, which is now printed and ready for filling at the end of this week. I’ve spoken previously about the cracking job SunHouse have done with our design and just another 2 weeks to go now (full quality testing before shipping) and we’ll have our new baby in the warehouse ready for customers.

Because the new Aquapax design is so different to the current version out there on the shelves of our wonderful retail network (we are worthy), it seems strategically sensible to revamp our website too. If you haven’t seen the current version, visit quickly because it will be ‘going down’ within the fortnight.

Our original site was about establishing a presence when we launched the business in 2006. Since then we’ve been listening to customer feedback on Aquapax rather than resting on our laurels and selling through ‘deals’. We’ve taken everything that customers love about Aquapax and bought that to the new design, while keeping the same exceptional (award winning) product quality within. It won’t be long now before we’ll ask you to join our revolution… come along – you can tell your Grand children you once helped change the way things were… :-)