Any entrepreneurial venture requires complete commitment; this was something that differentiated orange as the upstart challenger brand from their corporate competitors in the early days. I made up my mind when I first stumbled across the brand that I liked what they were doing and have pretty much been a fan (on and off) ever since.

Unfortunately, as they’ve got bigger and bigger, and become a brand owned by an entity that doesn’t necessarily fully appreciate the warmer brand attributes they presumably bought into, I find myself let down which bizarrely actually ‘hurts’ at some level.

Yes there have been some spectacular foul ups, but managing little and big things with a human face are where companies that still have the entrepreneurial spirit differentiate themselves. The staff in ‘owner managed’ ventures like our own with Aquapax, understand that we have to try harder, because we aren’t one of the big corporates we are competing against. We know that if we don’t resolve whatever problems arise whenever they do, that’s when we lose our customer base.

Over the weekend, it dawned on me that the reports by others of my phone ringing and me not answering it when they call me, allied to my noticing an occassional dropped call (which couldn’t have rang for long as the phone was next to me at my desk), was a bigger problem than first thought. I called orange business services, they immediately ran a diagnostic, advised there was a fault and my ‘new’ replacement phone was delivered within 18 hours.

Cushty (as Del would say) except that when it came to calling them to re-initiate the blackberry service this morning (let’s face it, Blackberry is still a killer application, even if I don’t get on with their phone keyboards), the orange corporate face then kicked in. “oh no sir, we don’t support the blackberry application on that phone anymore!” “the set-up disk sent to you with the phone last June must have been sent by accident!”

“Pop” went my balloon, which less than 24 hours earlier had been re-inflated by the stunning orange business support replacement phone service!

Being a pragmatic (and positive) individual, I’ll surf the net and somehow get my HTC TyTNII¬†working with the blackberry e-mail service again, but what price my poor customer service?¬† At very least, it’s the honesty of a blog read occassionally by potentially new business customers wanting to know the truth…

and if you’re new to this blog, why not try some of our wonderful Aquapax mineral water sometime? Aquapax is the one in a funky paper carton – because I really don’t like plastic – but you’ll have to read more about that in one of my other blogs, or on our website (to your right). :-)